Thank you for visiting Marcia's Baby Nursing! If you are unfamiliar with the world of 'baby nursing', you've found a great place to begin. We know that the journey of parenthood can somtimes include a rough start. Luckily, Marcia is a newborn specialist who can make your life as a new parent so much easier!


About Marcia

Marcia is a newborn and multiples specialist (commonly known as a 'Baby Nurse') who has been working within the infant care industry for over eleven years. Marcia is highly-experienced with single and multiple newborns, and has a track-record of providing nothing less than excellent care to countless families across the United States.

Marcia is well-known for her uncanny ability to serve as a proactive planner, a gentle child-care provider, and an educated, conscientious specialist in her field. With over eleven years in the 'baby nursing' industry, Marcia is an expert at making your transition into parenthood smooth, successful, and genuinely enjoyable. Marcia can serve as your educator, advocate, helper, and supporter so that you can tackle the other demands of life, without having to sacrifice the absolute excellent care your baby deserves.

Whether you are looking for a qualified newborn specialist, lactation support, or just an extra set of hands, Marcia would love the opportunity to ease your fears. Rest assured: Help Is On The Way.