Hopefully, we can answer any questions you might have about baby nursing (in general), and Marcia's services. If you have any further questions or comments, please dont hesitate to contact Marcia.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Responsibilities of a Baby Nurse?
The primary role of a Baby Nurse is to provide assistance during the post-delivery recovery period and help you transition your baby into a regular schedule. Marcia helps to help nurture and care for your baby while providing guidance and education for you, whether you have a single baby or are a parent of multiples. For a comprehensive list of duties that Marcia includes in her services, see our Benefits and Services page. 

When Should I Begin the Search for a Baby Nurse?
It's never too early to start your search for a Baby Nurse. However, don't hesitate to call  if you have an immediate need. If I am unable to assist you personally, I work with a network of nurses including 3 of my sisters. We are members of the Saddlers Club, and have always been able to accommodate clients on  short notice. 

What is the Typical Work Schedule for a Baby Nurse?
Baby Nurses work full-time; usually in 12- hour shifts, day or night shifts, or work 24-hour shifts (either 5 or 7 days a week). Baby Nurses usually work a minimum of 2 weeks and have been known to be booked for extended-stay positions for as long as 1 year. Baby Nurses who work night shifts typically sleep in the baby's room and manage their care while you sleep restfully in bed. When the baby wakes up, the Baby Nurse feeds by bottle or brings the baby to you for nursing. After feeding, the baby is burped and changed before being settled back to sleep. A daytime Baby Nurse provides similar care and also strives to create a nurturing, stimulating environment for your baby during waking hours. Both day and night, Baby Nurses document your baby's patterns and keep a log of sleeping, feeding and changing times so that you can transition the baby to a regular schedule.

What is a Multiples Specialist?
A Multiples Specialist is an experienced newborn specialist whose expertise is with caring for two or more babies at a time. They are skilled in educating and supporting in the challenge of caring for more multiples. A Multiples Specialist is also knowledgeable about the ongoing concerns and special needs of preemies. 

How Long Has Marcia Been in This Business?
Marcia has been working within the private infant care industry for over eleven years. She has provided newborn and multiples care for families all across the United States, as well as internationally. She is a seasoned and knowledgeable specialist who not only has her expertise to offer, but a kind, professional, and pleasant nature to make your family feel right at home with her.


When Does Marcia Usually Arrive?
Generally, Marcia arrives the day after your expected due date if your delivery takes place as scheduled. When you come home from the hospital, Marcia is ready and waiting to meet you, your family, and your newborn Marcia is ready to begin serving your post-partum needs, as well as the needs of your baby. (If you are expecting multiples, and the babies come home from the hospital at different intervals, you may want to wait until all babies are all home).

How Long Does Marcia Stay?
As you may have seen above, Marcia can be a 'live-in' Baby Nurse. She is available for a variety of shifts to meet your needs, and the many needs of your newborn. On average, a baby nurse can work anywhere from two weeks to six months. Marcia is available for as long as you need. She strives to ensure that you and your family are confident and knowledgeable about caring for your newborn.

 How Do I Prepare for Marcia?
Your personal Baby Nurse comes to you as educator, advocate, helper and supporter. Typically, Baby Nurses are far from family and friends. They give up their privacy when coming on board to live-in/work long hours in your home. This allows you, the parent, to have complete coverage and clearance for sleep, work, play and everyday living.

To make for a happy, pleasant and comfortable experience, we have found it is wise to accommodate your Baby Nurse with the necessities. The following is recommended: Bed (24 hour assignments), chair, table, lamp, radio/TV, phone, computer accessibility (if at all possible) and preferably private bath. You will also be expected to provide the food and beverage. Breaks, downtime and scheduled time off for the Baby Nurse is essential for the best working relations. Providing Marcia with this time is encouraged and appreciated. It is also requested that salaries are paid every 7 days, or on the agreed-upon day, in the agreed upon manner, on time, as it is awkward for a nurse to have to ask or remind the new parents to be furnished with her weekly pay. It is customary to tip your Baby Nurse for her services upon completion of her assignment.

Your Baby Nurse should be treated as the professional that she is. She possesses special sensitivity to meeting diverse needs in varied situations. Fostering positive interaction/communication is the key for a happy and successful experience. Upon completion of Baby Nurse’s assignment, Marcia requests that you provide a letter of recommendation. This will allow expecting parents to obtain first-hand insight on the Baby Nurse’s performance with previous clients.
(Furnishing the room with a TV is optional, but it would be nice to help her unwind). For additional information about preparations, see Marcia's downloadable contract on the 'Services' page of this site.

 What About My Other Children?
If you are not a first-time parent, you may have some concerns about how Marcia will interact with your older children. But there's no need to fear. Marcia is wonderful with older children, and often finds ways to include them in the care and interaction with your newborn(s). Please respectufully note, though, that Baby Nurses are generally not responsible for household duties unrelated to the new baby, or for the care of other children in the household.



What Does Marcia Need to Know Before She Arrives?
There are some things Marcia may need to know before she arrives. This information can prove to be useful when Marcia begins to plan for her stay with you. You can find a complete list of questions Marcia has for you in her Client Questionnaire, found on our 'Resources' page.

How Much Does Baby Nursing Typically Cost & How Do I Book Marcia?
Salary is usually based on two factors: the amount of experience the candidate brings to the position and the number of infants involved (twins, triplets, etc.). The average salary range for a Baby Nurse is $20 to $30 per hour or $275 to $500+ per 24-hour period. Since Baby Nurses typically work as temporary employees, they usually receive no benefits.

Marcia is generally paid a daily rate for the length of her stay with you. In addition, she requires a deposit to secure the time period for which you have requested her services. For rate information, you may contact Marcia directly. From there, you can download her contract, fill it out, and submit it (along with your security deposit) to the mailing address listed in the 'Contact' page of this site.

 How Can I Look Into Marcia's References?
Marcia has a long track record of exceptional baby care. Her clients can attest to her commitment to going above and beyond the call of duty. If you'd like to read some of Marcia's reviews, you can visit the 'References' page of this site. You may also opt to speak with some of Marcia's clients for additional referencing. For direct contact with former clients, contact Marcia.