Below you'll find just some of Marcia's former clients' letters of recommendation and thank you letters. From these accounts, we hope that Marcia's former clients can convey her skill level and value as an exceptional infant-care provider.

Letters & Recommendations

I can't thank Marcia enough for all that she has done for my family.  Similar to most first-time parents, we found ourselves disorganized, confused, unprepared, and more importantly, exhausted.  Marcia came to the rescue and within days established an easy-to-follow schedule.  She taught us the importance of organization and preparation, and provided us with the positive reassurance we needed.  She is a wealth of information with so many tricks up her sleeve.  We have found her night time routine. . .feeding, bath, massage. . .to be priceless! She "set us up to win"!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

New Mom

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I’ll never forget the morning when the sonographer told my husband and I that she saw not one, but two babies. The panic I felt in that instant lasted throughout my entire pregnancy. It lasted even for those first few days in the hospital, as I stared at our tiny twin sons thinking, 'I’m in way over my head'.

I’ll also never forget Marcia Chase-Marshall. Marcia doesn’t panic. She put me at ease right away and assured me that by the time she left, I would not only be able to care for the twins, but I would also be able to take care of my three-year-old son. 'Easy for her to say', I thought. Marcia, as I learned over her four- week stay, is a powerhouse. She has the ability to:

  • Get a three-year-old to eat his dinner… happily
  • Make 3 a.m. feedings actually fun
  • Bathe, feed, cuddle twins, clean their room, wash their laundry, and assemble a mobile without directions
  • Know when parents need time to talk alone with one another
  • Fit right into a family
  • Maintain a gorgeous, pleasant, and professional demeanor with all the members of the family, medical professionals, and an unending parade of guests
  • Patiently feed two fussy babies and meticulously log every ounce they consume
  • Be supportive of a breastfeeding/expressing mom no matter how much she complains and whines
  • Genuinely care about the families she assists

All along she reminded us that this would be a lot of fun. Her prediction was correct. The twins are 6 months old and laughter far out-weighs tears in our home. (And that goes for adults as well as children)! My husband and I credit Marcia for giving us the confidence we needed to stop panicking and start enjoying.

New Parents, Florida

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To Marcia:
I am writing to thank you for the wonderful service you provided for our family after the birth of our first child. Having never hired a baby nurse, we really did not know what to expect. Your kind, gentle manner with our baby, and professional expert advice for the new Mommy and Daddy was unending. You taught us swaddling, bathing, diaper changing, feeding the baby and everything in between. When it was time for you to leave, due to your patIent instruction, we felt confident to care for our little bundle of joy. We look forward to having you as our baby nurse once again, as we await the arrival of our second child in a few short weeks.

New Mom, New York City

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To Whom This May Concern:
We have known Marcia Chase-Marshall for the past six years. Marcia was our baby nurse for both of our children. She educated and guided us as new parents during those difficult first few weeks. With her knowledge and reassuring sense of humor, Marcia was able to make those trying times extremely comfortable. Along with the baby nurse responsibilities, Marcia also took care of us as parents and helped to include our daughter, (making her feel like part of the team). Marcia always kept our daughter involved in the baby’s needs, easing any potential sibling jealousy. Marcia was spectacular with our children and us. She will always have a special place in our hearts. We have recommended Marcia to numerous dear friends, and we recommend her without reservation.

New Parents, New Jersey

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To Marcia:

In two words - thank you. The time that you spent with us when the twins were born was invaluable. As new parents, we are so thankful for the guidance that you offered, and the peace of mind your presence provided. On behalf of our sons, they are so grateful for your loving hands and infinite knowledge – especially at 3 am!

We were so fortunate to start our “new lives” with your help and support. It was truly a pleasure having you in our home. Any family would be so lucky to work with you. You are a complete professional with a warm, personal touch.

Please know that we will be a strong reference for you. We have nothing but the best regard for you and your ability.

New Parents, Miami

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We are writing this letter of reference for Marcia Chase-Marshall, who was our twin daughters’ baby nurse for two weeks in February 1999.  Marcia came highly recommended to us by a close friend, and we have since referred her to many of our friends (several with multiples), who were all thrilled with her baby nursing skills.

As new parents we were very disorganized and unprepared for the challenges of newborn twins. Thanks to Marcia’s expertise, we were able to organize the household and use her experience to guide us into understanding the world of twins, and our babies’ many needs.

Marcia is very bright, and has a way of educating new parents with a great sense of ease and patience. She is extremely hard-working, and we would recommend her to anyone needing help with a new baby.

New Parents, New Jersey

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This is to provide you with the reference of Ms. Marcia Chase-Marshall, who helped care for our new-born twin daughters in February of this year. Marcia is a wonderful baby nurse, who shows extraordinary gentility, and provides tender care for her little patients. She is an expert at handling multiples, including feeding, bathing and dressing, and is also very capable at those important additional duties of laundry and formula preparation. We recall Marcia baking white bread in the evenings! And we actually took a photo of the changing table, which she has organized so beautifully. We knew (and were right) that it would never look so tidy after her departure.

We recall feeling a complete relief from the stresses of our multiples when Marcia was with us. More importantly, Marcia Chase-Marshall taught us how to juggle the demands of our two babies so that we were better equipped for the task at the end of her assignment. We highly recommend Marcia Chase-Marshall.

New Parents, New Jersey

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I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Marcia Chase-Marshall. I have known Marcia for the last eighteen months, as a baby nurse for my daughter. Marcia came highly recommended from a friend who also used her as a baby nurse for her son.

When I first contacted Marcia, she was very professional and told me she would send me information that would help me prepare for the birth of my daughter. Within a week, a packet arrived describing things I should buy, and a poem about the joys of children. From the beginning, she was able to diminish my fears of being a parent and put laughter into child-rearing.

Marcia illustrated her dedication to her job by waiting over three weeks to start, after my daughter was born late, and needed a surgery before coming home. In that time, she frequently contacted me and provided advice and empathy. When she started, her kind manner and genuine concern for my daughter’s well-being made it easy to learn how to care for an infant. When she left, I felt confident that I could care for my daughter alone, and if needed, call her with any questions or concerns.

Marcia contacted me shortly after she left to find out how my daughter and I were feeling both mentally and physically. Her follow-up was another testament to her dedication and motivation to care for children. I have contacted Marcia several times when I have had emergencies and needed her to watch my daughter. She has come in a moment's notice to help me, and has always said that she is always available if I need her. Marcia currently baby-sits for me once a week. I employ her regularly because I trust her and my daughter has always loved her. I continue to seek her for advice because she is knowledgeable and truly cares for her clients.

I highly recommend Marcia for the position to which she is applying, as I believe she will be a true asset to your agency/home.

New Mom, Upstate New York