You may be wondering what benefits there are to having a newborn specialist at your side. Well... buckle up! We've got a comprehensive list of services that Marcia provides, and a whole load of ecstatic clients who have graciously given their shining recommendations. Enjoy!



Marcia's Services Provide:

  • Baby Care 22 Hours A Day (Only a 2-Hour Break Daily)
  • All necessary care to meet the needs of your newborn(s)
  • All necessary care for recovering moms after birth
  • Comfort and reassurance for experienced and first-time parents
  • Live-in services for the length of time you specify
  • Counsel to family members on how to properly care for your precious newborn(s)
  • References, to allow prospective clients to evaluate services rendered to former employers
  • Contractual agreement (which ensures the availability of an equally-experienced specialist in the event of an early delivery, or other unforeseen circumstance)

Baby Care Includes:

  • Educating parents and family members about proper infant care and development
  • Formula preparation & bottle sterilization
  • Feeding and burping your infant
  • Bathing your infant (sponge/full)
  • Diapering, dressing, and swaddling
  • Umbilical cord care
  • Circumcision care
  • Entertaining your newborn: talking, playing music, etc.
  • Laundering your baby's clothes
  • Cleaning your infant's room
  • Maintaining daily records of your infant’s feeding, sleeping, and behavioral patterns
  • Maintaining records of information regarding your baby's urine and excrement
  • Maintaining daily records of your baby’s daily activities and developmental progressand
  • Keeping an inventory of necessary baby supplies
  • Total care & maintenance of nursery
  • Breastfeeding education and trouble-shooting